Surgical Pathology

Approximately 33,000 surgical specimens are examined by 24 faculty pathologists every year. We receive specimens from the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics and American Family Children’s Hospital in addition to outreach customers. The specimen mix includes routine as well as highly complex surgical cases. We work closely with clinicians in specialty clinics, such as the Women’s Breast Center and the Carbone Cancer Center, as well as with molecular diagnostic and cytogenetic services to provide state-of-the-science prognostic and therapeutic information to clinicians. Twenty surgical pathology residents and fellows are actively integrated into the workflow of the department, and 5 pathologists’ assistants additionally help with specimen preparation and resident teaching in the gross lab.

Clinical Slide Consult

To send us a clinical consult, please mail your request to:

University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
Department of Surgical Pathology
600 Highland Ave
Madison, WI 53792


UW Health Surgical Pathology
Clinical Support Staff – Rm A4/204 – 3224
600 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53792

Phone: (608) 263-8443


Aparna Mahajan, MD


Lacy Normington

Director Assistant

S. Elizabeth Way

Clinical Support Staff

Kathryn Crary
Betty Zander

Support Staff

Joan Miller
Rachel Clement

Bone, Soft Tissue and Thoracic

Scott W. Aesif, MD, PhD – Bone & Soft Tissue, Thoracic

Darya Buehler, MD – Bone & Soft Tissue

Breast and Gynecologic

Christopher Flynn, MD, PhD – Breast & Gyn

Josephine Harter, MD – Breast & Gyn

Aparna Mahajan, MD – Breast & Gyn

Stephanie M. McGregor, MD, PhD – Breast & Gyn

Paul Weisman, MD – Breast & Gyn


Rashmi Agni, MD – GI, Liver

Shelly Cook, MD – GI

Kristina A. Matkowskyj, MD, PhD – GI, Liver

Igor Slukvin, MD, PhD – GI


Christopher J. Cold, MD – General

Michael K. Fritsch, MD, PhD – General

G. Reza Hafez, MD – General

Daniel Kurtycz, MD – General

Thomas Warner, MD – General

Genitourinary, Ear Nose & Throat, and Endocrine

Ricardo Lloyd, MD, PhD – Endocrine

Rong Hu, MD, PhD – ENT

Wei Huang, MD – GU


Andreas Friedl, MD – Renal

Weixiong Zhong, MD, PhD – Renal